The Healing Power of Sacred Sounds

SiriSat's spiritual discovery as a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master over the last 20 years has lead her to compose, record and perform devotional music inspired by her lifestyle through Healing and Meditation.

Her wide experience as a vocalist and dancer has taken her through an adventurous journey of transformation through publishing many hit dance/pop records, since the late eighties performing worldwide and on television with her own band and dancers.

The mantra albums "Celestial" and "Mantra Chill Out" present her latest song compositions inspired by the Mantras of Yoga with atmospheric ambient rhythms created through the expert production and arrangements by Carles Reig, having been described as a perfect carpet for her beautiful voice".

Sirisat's voice and music are described by many as angelic, uplifting, healing and blissful...

A journey for the senses...